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  •  My Dad had a Ercoupe when I was about five years old. That why I was looking at your Ercoupe site.

     The photo is of Dad's after he went down into Dan River here in Danville Va. in 1950. The prop broke on it. Back then they were wood. He came out of it OK. He just set it down in the river. It flipped over when he hit the water.

    Hi J.C.Richardson III I have been playing around with some of your ercoupe photos. You have a great site and a good number of ercoupe's. I have a old photo of my dad's ercoupe that he had back around 1951 or 52. I have a news paper clipping of when he had to put it down in Dan river here in Danville Va. I will have to find it. Here is a photo of it after they got it out of the river. You can use this photo if you like. Maybe one of the old timers remembers it.

     My Dad's name J.C.Richardson Jr.

    J.C.Richardsn III
    Danville Va.