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Air & Space Magazine : Runways of Fire (JATO and Ercoupe)
AirPhoto : Management Services of Northern New York
Air University Library: Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama
Aircraft-Direct: Shop for Planes on line, Aircraft-Direct.
AOPA: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Artie Langston Ercoupe Page:Ercoupe History and (N2666H)
AV8Rs Link: Virtual Fly-In
Aviation Digest: Flying Clubs, Air Museums, and Soaring Clubs
Avweb.com: Internet Aviation Magazine and News Service
Bruce Bailey: Prospect Avaition
Chris Schuermann Page: Ercoupes and Aero Commanders
Dare County Regional Airport : Serving North Carolina's Outer Banks
Dave's Ercoupe Page: 41 Charlie
Downwind Jaxon: The Last Superfortress
EAA: The Leader in Recreational Aviation
Ercoupe Returns to Pearson: Percy and Georgia Wood N2129H
Ercoupe.com: David Abrams N2679H
Ercoupers.com: The Mailing List Site (Tom Laird-McConnell) Great Stuff!
Ercoupes.com: Ercoupe Restoration Company
Ercoupe FAQ's : What is an Ercoupe?
Ercoupe.net: The Ercoupe Network: Hay your here.
FAA: I think this one is self explanatory
FAA Safety Center: Sun n' Fun Forum Schedule (Orlando FSDO)
FAA Safety Center: FSDO Locator Home Page
Hannah's Ercoupe Page: Nice Coupe (N3544H)
Haski Aviation, Inc.: New Castle, Pennsylvania (UCP)
Irving C. Mondore: In Memorial - Irving C. Mondore
Keith's Aircoupe Page: Home of the Alon (N95663F)
Kennon Aircraft Covers: manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens.
Landings.com:The Busiest Aviation Hub in Cyberspace ( N-number search)
Looking Glass Links: Aviation Links
Michele's Hangar: Boland Aeroplane and Motor Company
On Camouflaged Wings:1941 Ercoupe PQ-13 Manned Target Drone Restoration
Prospect Aviation (BVI) Beaver County, PA
Rob Craigmyle Page: Ercoupe Maintenance & Mods
Rocket-Assist Takeoff:Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Sensenich Propeller: Manufacturing Company
Sun n' Fun : April 11th thru 17th 1999 Lakeland Florida Fly-In
Sure Check: Checklist for the Ercoupe
Stefan Fanselow, Tokyo : assembly and first flights of my airplane in Japan
Stefan Fanselow, Tokyo : Mooney M-10 Cadet N9457V
Tiger Flight: An Ercoupe Formation Flight Team
Tim's ERCOUPE Page: Ercoupe Info
Trade-A-Plane: Every Thing that Keeps You FlyingTrade-A-Plane: Every Thing that Keeps You Flying
Univair Ercoupe Parts: Parts and Supplies for Classic Aircraft: Parts and Supplies for Classic Aircraft
Wing Waxers: The Exterior Detailing Process
Zach Bair Page: (N41889)
Zach Freiberg: SIM Site