Applies to All (Ercoupe) Forney Aircraft With Serial Numbers Up to 3,335 Inclusive.

Compliance required by December 31, 1959, and thereafter every 100 hours of operation or periodic
inspection, whichever occurs first.

Fatigue failures have continued to occur in the rudder main rib where the control horn is attached after
installation of reinforcement plates.

Therefore, it is required that a visual inspection be made of the area around the rudder control horn for
excessive deflection of the horn, canning of rudder skin, or any other unusual peculiarity which would indicate
main rudder rib damage. If damage is evident, rudder rib Erco P/N 415-240 12 L/R must be replaced with
Forney P/N F-24015 L/R or equivalent.

This inspection may be discontinued when the heavier gage rib is installed.

(Forney Service Bulletin No. 105 covers this subject.)

This supersedes AD 47-20-07