Applies to All Ercoupe Model 415 Series Aircraft and Models E and G.

Compliance required as indicated.

As a result of continual fraying and failure of control cables P/N 415-52148 or P/N 415-52172 in the control
column assembly where they wrap around the control quadrant P/N 415-52130 or P/N 415-52122 the
following inspection must be conducted until such time as a control quadrant is installed which is considered
satisfactory by the Administrator:

After every 100 hours of operation remove control cables P/N 415-52148 or P/N 415-52172 and inspect
them for any signs or indications of fraying or failure. Replace any cables which are not found to be in
perfect condition. It is important that the cables be removed for the inspection since it has been found that
inspection of the cables while in place will not always reveal defects. Also determine whether the aileron
stop screw may be bearing on the cable, and, if so, it should be replaced by new stop bolt Erco P/N

Modifications approved by the FAA which are believed to eliminate the fraying difficulties are described in
the following data:

1. Drawing No. 514, change "A", Met-Co-Aire Co., Fullerton Municipal Airport, Fullerton, Calif.;

22. Drawing No. New 101, change "A," J.V. Newman, Bates Aviation Inc., Hawthorne Municipal Airport,
Hawthorne, Calif.

3. Drawing No. 12, dated November 1, 1954, Ed's Airmotive, 430 Windsor Way, Renton 2, Wash.;

4. Drawing No. 415-52137, change "1," dated February 21, 1955, Vest Aircraft Parts Division,
Denver, Colo.

When one of these or an equivalent FAA-approved modification has been installed, the special 100-hour
inspection outlined above may be dispensed with and normal inspection period resumed.

Rigging of controls should follow the process outlined in Ercoupe Service Department Bulletin No. 13 and
Ercoupe Service Department Memorandum No. 35.

This supersedes AD 47-42-21.