(Was Mandatory Note 17 of AD-718-7.)

Applies only to 415-C, -CD and -D Aircraft Serial Numbers 1033 to 1327, Inclusive.

Compliance required not later than next 100-hour inspection.

One of the above airplanes may contain a control column shaft, P/N 415-52129, which is defective at its
lower bearing fitting.

In order to ascertain whether the fitting is defective withdraw the shaft from the control column so the surface
of lower control shaft fitting, P/N 415-52126, which bears on the lower bakelite bushing, can be examined. If
a steel sleeve is found brazed to this lower shaft fitting's bearing surface, the shaft should be replaced and
the defective shaft returned to the manufacturer.

(Ercoupe Service Policy Letter No. B-10, covering the subject will be issued to each Ercoupe distributor.)