(Was Mandatory Note 10 of AD-718-6.)

Applies to All 415 Series Airplanes Equipped With Magnesium Die Cast Nose Wheel, Casting No. 34206.

Compliance required prior to February 1, 1947.

Due to an increasing number of failures of the Magnesium Die Cast Nose Wheel (which bears the number
34206 in raised letters), it appears essential that this wheel be replaced by a Permanent Mold Aluminum
Alloy Nose Wheel (casting No. 34204) which the manufacturer is making available to all distributors and
dealers. The replacement wheel, tire, and tube should be statically and dynamically balanced before use.
Care should be exercised in removing the old nose wheel to avoid damaging the axle, oleo, and supporting

(Ercoupe Subcomponent = yes>Service Department Bulletin No. 16 dated October 28, 1946, covers this
same subject in greater detail.)