(Was Mandatory Note 8 of AD-718-6.)

Applies to 415-C, -CD and -D Aircraft Serial Numbers 113 to 2706 Except 2683, 2685, 2687, and 2691.

Compliance required prior to November 1, 1946.

(a) To provide additional bearing area and more positive locking action for the aileron control stop
adjustment screw, add an AN 315-3R nut on the adjustment screw at the forward side of the stops
and a star type AN 936-B10 lock washer (external teeth) between the jam nut and rear side of stops
(Ercoupe P/N 415-52145).

(b) Inspect the welds which attach the aileron control stops to the control column cross member
carefully for cracks. Also determine that welds are complete around the ends of the stops. Repair
if cracked welds or insufficient welds are found.

(c) Inspect the adjustment of the two upper turnbuckles in the chain and cable system to be certain
these turnbuckles do not touch the sprockets before the quadrant touches the stops. Readjust all
three turnbuckles if necessary to insure freedom from this turnbuckle-sprocket interference.

(Erco Service Department Bulletin No. 13 covers this same subject.)