(Was Mandatory Note 3 of AD-718-6.)

Applies to 415-C, -CD and -D Aircraft Serial Numbers 113 to 1306, Inclusive.

To be accomplished immediately.

Due to the possibility of a defective fitting on the upper end of the control column shaft (Erco P/N 415-52129)
in the aileron control system, the system should be tested to a load of 94 pounds, applied at the periphery of
the control wheel.

The ailerons should be blocked for the test. Each control wheel should be tested. The neutral position of the
wheel should be noted before the test and if undue slack exists in the system it should be tightened. After
the test, again note the neutral position and, if the position has changed more than about 5 degrees, the
control column (part number above) should be replaced.

If, after the test, the neutral position is within about 5 degrees of the original position, the ailerons should be
freed and the system operated with the nose wheel on and off the ground. If the system operated freely and
a visual inspection indicates that the system is in good condition, no change is necessary. An appropriate
logbook entry shall be made to indicate that the above has been complied with.

(Erco Service Bulletin No. 7 covers this same subject.)