1946, 415-C, s/n 2113
Harvey Readey
Orlando, FL
Harvey Readey and Fred Weick
The picture was taken at the March 20, 1993 EOC Florida Wing fly in. The Flyin was held at River Ranch Resorts in Central Florida. Early that morning, I had flown my Ercoupe to Vero Beach Airport and picked Fred up. We then flew back to River Ranch Resorts for the day. Fred was our guest of honor. This was to be Fred's last Florida Wing fly in. The picture was taken by Al Stinson as I was preparing to fly him back to Vero Beach that afternoon.
Fred died in July of 1993 four days before his 94th birthday. I then received a call asking me if I would loan my Ercoupe to Fred's family. They wanted to deliver Fred's cremated remains from an Ercoupe to the skies over his beautiful home in Vero Beach. I picked up Joe McCawley and proudly delivered my Ercoupe to the Vero Beach airport. Don Weick and Joe McCauley then made the flight over Fred's home. His family and friends witnessed it from Fred's yard.

You might say that Fred made his last three Ercoupe flights in this Ercoupe which is very neat. Before he died, I asked him to sign my Ercoupe log book which he did. He added "Happy flying Harvey-with great appreciation for your care of an old geezer." He was a grand fellow that we all miss.
Harv Readey