1946, 415-C, s/n 2113
Art Harvey
 Schenectady, NY



I recently became the EOC Wing Leader for NY, VT, NH and ME. It seems fitting to post some photos of N99404 (a.k.a. the "Bad Hare") with you.

99404 was purchased in August 1995, with 900TT and 200SMOH on her. She is an unpainted 1946 415C with 75hp, fabric wings and landing lights on the main landing gear. She underwent a thorough inspection and refurbishment at Curtiss Aero in Danbury, CT [c/o Ray Floczak, (203) 743-4007] until we rolled her out on her 50th Birthday in June, 1996. We installed mode-C, belly strobe, a custom instrument panel, intercom and a new radio. In June, 2000 a Cessna pilot taxiied his 172 into the tail empennage, so she has a new Univair tail assembly that cost more that what I paid for her in 1995. Yikes! Enough said....

Since then, I have flown her all over New England with my wife, family and friends, met lots of wonderful people, and become intimately familiar with oil leaks, the smell of AVgas, and mainentance costs.

Last year I started organizing monthly fly-ins for Ercoupes in the New England states, strictly for the fun of it. If you'd like to get on the mailing list, feel free to send me your snailmail address. You don't have to own an Ercoupe or be a pilot to be invited, everyone is welcome!

Take care!
-Art Harvey
'46 415C N99404
Home: Schenectady, NY