1950, 415-G, s/n 5078
Joa and Kristie Harrison
Redmond, OR

N94432.jpg (19602 bytes)

1950 415G N94432.  This great little plane was formerly owned by Guy and Beryl Covert of Mt. Shasta CA and is a tight G model. I hear its one of the last three Erco models made.   A few of the features I like about this particular plane are:  higher gross than the popular C model (good for me since I'm 6' 7" and 250#); notched/split stab that allows full stall on landing;  central control quadrant with the throttle, trim, and carb heat right under your hand; large baggage compartment; adjustable aileron trim (a *very* nice feature);  C-85 engine that gives me a solid 110 mph;  quick drain oil pan; auto fuel STC (I use a good water blocking filter funnel and also occasionally buy 100LL to keep the locals happy); and a really low time engine.

I fly it about every day or other day since I'm getting my license- its a total blast to fly.  I'm also building my own plane but with all the fun I'm having with the Ercoupe if it weren't for the fact that I like building so much I wouldn't bother with a homebuilt since my little bird is about 1/3 the price of a completed homebuilt and gets just about the same, or better performance, than most.  My goal, and one I think I won't have too much problem achieving, is to fly over 200 hours this year.