1946 415-C s/n 1530
Charles Engman
New York, NY
Photos by George Kuehnel

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I was looking through your photo album, and must say I am impressed.   My
Great-grandfather, George Kuehnel, had a 1946 Ercoupe which he loved to
fly--unfortunately my great-grandmother had her reservations about flying.
After a hard winter landing at the original Outagamie Airport in Appleton
Wisconsin, my grandfather was ordered my grandma to sell the plane.  From that
day forward NC94307 has been lost to the family.  I still feel some connection
to the old girl, and have done numerous searches with no report. Perhaps the
shinny bird was retired and melted into a set of spoons, or perhaps she is
sitting patiently  in some run-down barn waiting for somebody to rediscover
her and bring her back to life--I am hoping to be that somebody. If anybody
has any info about NC94307 please e-mail me at "".   Good luck
to all the Ercoupe pilots out there, keep 'em flying, keep 'em polished,  keep
'em fun, and stop in at Winona MN sometime for a soda and stories on me.
Vuela solamente y este a cargo de su propio destino.    WinAirBird