1946, 415-D, sn1128
Daniel Bass
ONA (Winona, MN)

 When I was a little kid, about 9 or 10, the local A&P school had several aircraft parked out side.  Two of witch were a Beech D-18 and an Ercoupe.  I always loved both of those aircraft, probably just because they looked a bit different with the twin tails and rounded off wingtips.  I dreamed about owning each of them someday.  10 to 15 years later, I realized part of that dream. I purchased N93805 in Fort Collins, CO  in March of this year.  6 1/2 hours with one fuel stop in Ainsworth, Nebraska, I end up in Minneapolis, MN.  That was the longest trip I have taken with my coupe, and my first solo in a coupe. 
My coupe has the O200 conversion, alon seats, large baggage, wheel fairings, ruder pedals, and many other mods.  On top of that it has one of the nicest coupe panels around.  Like any other coupe, it is a joy to fly.  I will be looking for another set of wings that I can rebuild.  Mine are metalized and have many dents.  I hope to have a set of wings ready next spring/summer, then I want to repaint the entire plane and replace all the glass.  I hope to show off the finished product and the EOC Nationals or Oshkosh (depending when and if I get it done).
I'm based at ONA (Winona, MN).  located in the Mississippi river valley in the south-east part of the state.  I would love to hear from other coupers in the area!