Dallas E. Larson
Lakeville, MN (LVN)
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Back in l966 I declined two approved opportunities to be trained by the U.S. Military to fly Army helicopters or U.S. Naval Air aircraft. I had just begun a career in education and thought I had better stay with that program. Looking back thirty-plus years, I regret not participating in those elite opportunities. In 1976, I received a very comprehensive ground-school. I vowed that when I received my pilot training, I would go "full-bore" and not drag it out over a long period of time. Time passed....I became heavily involved in the Quarter Horse business, no time for anything else. In March of 1997 I happened to pick up a copy of Private Pilot magazine (March) and I became intrigued with their featured article pictured on the cover--"Ercoupe-Volkswagen of the Skies". I think this was the first aircraft magazine I ever purchased. Two weeks later I just happened to look at the aviation classified ads in the newspaper, which I rarely did, and saw two Ercoupes listed. I wondered why this was happening and what destiny had in store for me.

Well, I followed up on N93555 and bought it in November, 1997. I couldn't find a hanger locally until May of l998. No problem, I bought some ground-school videos and subsequently passed my exam before I began my flying lessons at the end of May. I proceeded "full-bore" and passed my check ride two months later on July 31 at the age of 56(four years older than my "Spirit of 46". I'm certainly not unlike a lot of other pilots who wished they would have started sooner. Oh, well, it's been a great flight and I've truly enjoyed my "Coupe". It certainly is unique and worthy of admiration and praise. Together, with my GPS, future adventures await..