1946, 415-C, s/n 657
Limeledge Flying Club



The Ercoupe N93334 was restored by members of EAA Chapter 107 located in Marcellus, New York. At that time the engine was upgraded from a C-75 to a C-85 and it was first flown by Don Perricone on June 25, 2004. Named "The Spirit of Marcellus" the plane is owned and operated by the Limeledge Flying Club and is flown regularily from NK-71a grass strip 2,300' long.

It was a three year project and many members of the Chapter helped with the restoration. The work was guided by Nick Coblio, AI. The plane first flew on June 25, 2004 after being stored in a barn for about 10 years. The restoration was complete and inspected and found airworthy by Donald McAnn AI.