1965, Alon A2, sn A-36
Don Bowen
Ft. Pierce, Fl.


I am a retired USMC fighter pilot, and have been flying a MAULE COMET.  Until two days ago, I had never flown any ERCOUPE, nor had I even seen an ALON AIRCOUPE A-2.   I purchased it on the spot from a very nice lady owner in Wadesboro, NC, and flew it back to FL (sans radio), dodging thunderstorms, MOAs, RAs, Class C Airspace (sans transponder) and darn near sans fuel !  I loved every minute of it. The bird is now at an avionics shop getting a new instrument panel and some new avionics and flight instruments - nothing too fancy ,as I'm tired of maintaining my Instrument proficiency and intend to let it expire ,while I chase the alligators. Next, I intend to add shoulder harnesses.

I purchased my ALON AIRCOUPE A-2 , N6360V, s/n A-36, in June, 2004. I had virtually no avionics. I have added new GPS, VHF TRANCEIVER, INTERCOM, TRANSPONDER/ENCODER, HAND MIKE, SPEAKER and three antennas. I fly primarily in Florida, from St Lucie County International Airport, Ft pierce FL. I am a retired U S Marine Corps jet fighter pilot with practically no time in Coupes. I previously owned a MAULE COMET.