1965, Alon A2, s/n A-35
Ralph Finch

 Alon A2 Aircoupe. I bought this from David Smoler in June of 2002. David did a fantastic job of improving and maintaining this plane and my goal is to keep up his good work. In just 3 months I've flown it more hours than I had with rental planes the previous two years. The Coupes are great planes and this is one of the better ones...but then, we all think that about our own Coupe.


Previous Owner: David Smoler

N6359V brings me lots of hours of pleasure. A trip from CA to Oshkosh in
1999 was fun, but I enjoy flying her into grass strips the best. 59V is s/n A35.
 She is also IFR equipped (including auxiliary vacuum) and has been flown in the clouds.

N6359V has a shoulder harness installation in accordance with "FAA Approved Data," prepared by a DER.