1947, 415-C s/n4398
Charles Rosenfeld

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1947 415-C #4398, owned and flown by Chuck Rosenfeld, Sunriver, Oregon.

After an extensive re-build, N3773H flies as a Light Sport aircraft. Its 85 HP engine easily accommodates operations from its home field at 4163 feet elevation.


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When the Gremlin's bite the Ercoupe is the plane you want to be in!
With only 500 feet of available pasture, surrounded by trees and hills,
the coupe presented no unusual handling characteristics as a 'glider',
but suffered some nose gear-engine mount damage due to the mud.

Several web surfers have contacted me to ask why the engine stopped... a
technical inspection of the engine revealed that the crankshaft broke
along a diagonal fracture just aft of the rear left side rod attachment.
I'm in the process of repairing the lower firewall assembly, installing
a new motor mount, and will probably re-engine with an O-200 (100 HP).
I'd love to hear from other coupe owners who have done the 100-hp

Keep 'em flying!

Chuck Rosenfeld