1941, 415-C, s/n
Ludwig Rodriguez
College Park, MD
I am Kellie Saragusa. I hope I get this right....

My grandfather, Ludwig Rodriguez, began his career as a final assembly worker for Ercoupes and later became a manufacturing rep for ERCO in College Park, MD just before the war started. He has lived there up until 2 years ago when he moved to GA to be with us.

He also owned an Ercoupe, NC37123. His was ship #90, one of the 111 Ercoupes built prior to the war. I have attached a picture of his Ercoupe for your site.

He was there from the beginning of this plane and was involved in all of the testing and building of them.

He has extensive knowledge on the mechanics of these planes and would love to discuss his knowledge with anyone that would be interested. He is now 85 years old and was actually out flying in an Ercoupe this past weekend. I've attached a photo for that as well.

Please feel free to post his photo and story on the website. You can also share his email address on your site. Its lgrod(at)alltel(dot)net . He loves to talk about the planes as well, so feel free to give him a call if you'd like!