1946, 415C s/n 3356
David Krakowsky
New York
New Info is that this plane was restored over a ten year period 1994-2004 by A&P Frank Wilcox of Georgia.

Jerry DeMoss, from Kentucky, took over the restored pieces of 2731H and along with the legendary David Lowe, A&P finished the restoration in 2005. Jerry flew the Ercoupe for two years.

The new owner is David Krakowsky who flew the Ercoupe from Kentucky, to it's new home in New York in August 2007.

Plane is a 75 Horsepower, 1946 415C, serial Number 3356, 1600 total time and 130 hours on the restoration. Plane is LSA compliant and has a Icom A200, Narco transponder with encoder, intercom and a Apollo flybuddy loran. Fabric wings, plane weighs 900 pounds.

This is the fourth airplane I have owned and is the most fun airplane I have owned.
Franklin Wilcox
Snellville, GA
Photo by: Ted &Wendy Hunt 
My dad bought this plane 1977, we restored it to the color it is now.
  He sold the coupe in 1989, and has been sorry ever since.