N2227H / CF-IQA
1946, 415C s/n 2850
  • British Columbia

  • I was looking through the photo album of “Coupers” when I clicked on N2227H. To my surprise it was a photo of my father’s Ercoupe. Thought I would update the site’s information on 2850. 2850 does reside in Canada. It was imported from Tacoma Washington in 1973. 2850 was brought into Canada at which time her registration was changed from N2227H to CF-IQA.

    2850 remained stationed in British Columbia at Delta Airpark until 1974. During 1974, 2850 made a Continental flight from her old home in British Columbia to her new one in Toronto, Ontario. 2850 has remained in the Greater Toronto Area since 1974.

    Little has changed on her exterior since her purchase in 1973. She has kept her original paint scheme and her unique wheel pant design. Her interior has been freshened up with an Aerotex interior package. Her instrument panel has also been improved over the years with the addition of a Nav / Com, EGT gauge, DI gauge, Intercom unit, and a GPS unit. Her engine was freshened up in the early 90’s and still remains airworthy after 61 years.

    To me 2850 is very special as she was the first airplane I ever flew in as a child, and I have grown up with it much like most families would a family pet.

    If you could update the status of 2850 (N2227H) with the above history and, if possible, could you please keep the original three photo’s of her up on your site along with the updated photo attached to this e-mail.

    High Flying Regards,
    Robert Brown

    Hi my Name is J.C.Richardson III I was looking at N2227H Ercoupe. I took the photo off of the site and did a little work on it. You can look at the one on the site and then look at the one I worked on with Adobe Photoshop with.




    Pictures from early 70's in Tacoma WA.
     Sold to Canadian in Kamloops BC shortly thereafter.