ERCO Family

This is a very poor quality scan of a Xerox of a snapshot of Mom in the cockpit: (click here for full size)

And here is my Dad. He loved flying!    (click here for full size)
 (I don't know the aircraft numbers I would need his log books which my stepmother still has)
Found your site and enjoyed the pictures. I have always loved the look of the Ercoupe and it was probably one of the first planes I was up in, as both my parents worked for Engineering and Research etc. when I was a toddler. My mom was a secretary at the plant and my Dad was a test pilot both before and just after the war. They were both fliers, but Dad is gone and Mom is now 88 going on 89 but stills gets out to College Park to volunteer at the museum now and then. If anyone wants to talk to her about the Ercoupe she would love a phone call and she is pretty sharp.

Carol Waggy Lenza