s/n 4367

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Just took once the belgian Ercoupe list at hand and saw that :
c/n 4367 as HB-ERB is with two fine colour photos on your website!
Now c/n 4367 was at the time the Belgian registered OO-EXA! Was sold to Switserland and became the HB-ERB!

In Belgium as far I know no Ercoupes are preserved! But's fine to see at least one former Belgian registered Ercoupe is preserved!

At hand of the c/n number it's in fact the second oldest one of those I have on my list!
The OO-ERC was the first one in Belgium (and Europe) The OO-EXA is from those I have with c/n number the second one!

That c/n 2006 OO-ERC became later the OO-AEA and was finally sold to Germany where it became the D-EJAD.


Jean-Pierre Lauwers.