1946, 415-C, s/n: 541
Peter Nobmann
Bremen Germany

The restoration of D-EOPI is completed, the last big step was the paint job. My coupe SN 541 ins locate at the Bremen Airport in Germany. Does anybody have information about SN 541? The plane is in Germany at least for 30 years.

After 8 month D-EOPI is back in service, we did the required check flight with the inspector of the German LBA. During the approach he was looking for the rudder pedals, which calm wind a nice soft landing was demonstrated and he told me that the Ercoupe is one of the nicest historical planes he ever had the possibility to fly. Attached a picture of the plane in front of the home club called: Bremer Verein für Luftfahrt After the paperwork is completed the plane will be in the air again. Thanks to all of you for god information and advises.