1946,  415-C, s/n 2675
Jon Page
Qualicum Beach, BC Canada
More photo's at Jon's Site: http://members.home.net/jpage39/ercoupe99.html
Here are some pictures of my '46  415-C.  This restoration took me three months and includes new fuel and heat hoses, crank seal, clean and paint engine, go through the fuel pump, check main and rear spars, seal wing tanks, rebuild all three landing gear, new tires, and complete checkover of all areas of the plane.  Under the Canadian Owner Maintenance Category I can modify my main gear, add "exhaust stacks" and "gunsights", etc.  The total cost for everything apart from my own time was $2200 US.  The paint is Centari acrylic enamel, with a hardener and 50% flattener.  It is still quite shiny but not overly so.  All decals are vinyl sign material.  The main gear front fairings use the original bolt mounts but gear has a more clean look, I think.   I hope you like it.   If you don't, I'll shoot you down next time we meet in the air.